Managing Your Dolph-E-Card


Dolph-E-Card Account

For Le Moyne College resident and commuter students, the Dolph-E-Card account is an enhancement to your college ID card.  This will allow you to use your ID card as a debit card to make purchases on campus. With the Dolph-E-Card there is no credit card interest or charges, no chance of overdrawing the account, and no need to carry cash around campus. 

Dolph-E-Card is accepted at the Dining Service locations, Le Moyne College Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Dunkin Donuts, Cam's Pizza (located in the college plaza), Top's Market Dewitt, Moe's Southwest Grill located on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, Subway on Erie Boulevard, and The Distillery also on Erie Boulevard.  This is in addition to your academic year meal plan choice.

Quick Facts

  • Manage your account on-line 24/7
  • Use for meal purchases
  • Purchases are taxable
  • Available throughout your Le Moyne College career

How to enroll in or add to the Dolph-E-Card

  • Deposit money whenever needed, and pay by Credit Card, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX or Discover.
  • Come to the Bursar's Office in person during business hours and pay by cash or check.  
  • Mail your check to the Bursar's Office payable to Le Moyne College.  When mailing your check be sure to include the student name, ID number and specific instructions to add the check amount to your Dolph-E-Card account.
  • Must always be pre-paid, cannot be billed to your tuition bill
  • Deposits are refundable, only if the account is closed in full with the Bursar's Office

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Dolph-E-Card Currently Accepted At: 

Barnes & Noble Le Moyne Plaza 1135 Salt Springs Rd. Syracuse 446-4036
CAM'S Pizzeria Le Moyne Plaza 1135 Salt Springs Rd. Syracuse 449-2267
Dunkin Donuts Le Moyne Plaza 1135 Salt Springs Rd. Syracuse 446-5396
Moe's Southwest Grill   3409 Erie Blvd East Syracuse 446-2421
Top's Market   4410 E. Genesee St DeWitt 446-6421
Subway   3485 Erie Blvd. East DeWitt 449-9877
The Distillery   3112 Erie Blvd. East Syracuse 449-2337



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