Office of Campus Life and Leadership

 Campus Life and Leadership Director and Associate Director

Office of Campus Life and Leadership

John Haley, Director of Campus Life and Leadership. (315) 445-4520
Ann Bersani, Associate Director of Campus Life and Leadership. (315) 445-4520

The Campus Life and Leadership Office is located on the second floor of the Campus Center. The Campus Life and Leadership program is devoted to providing dynamic living/learning environments that support the needs of the Le Moyne resident student. Recognizing that students' living environments have a profound impact on their personal and educational development, the residence life program aims to structure varied and challenging living environments that facilitate the overall growth of the individual.


Area Directors

Beth Griffith, Foery Hall/Campus Houses: 445-4250
Deirdre Rocklein, Dablon Hall/Le Moyne Heights/Le Moyne View: 445-4519
Bennie Williams, St. Mary's/Harrison Hall: 445-4581
Amelia Hoffman, Nelligan Hall/Mitchell Hall/Townhouses: 445-4588

Area directors are professional staff members who reside in each of the College's main residence halls. Responsible for supervision of a resident advisor staff, the area director coordinates all day-to-day operations of their respective residence hall. Other responsibilities include assisting in the development of educational, cultural, recreational and social programs; and serving as assistants in other residence life and student development areas.


Resident Advisors

Resident advisors are a vital component of the residence community. RAs are selected following an intensive screening and selection process and reside on each floor of the residence halls. RAs are responsible for advising and referring students experiencing academic and personal difficulties, understanding and enforcing College policies, and creating a healthy residential environment.

RA Selection 2015-2016

Chaplains in Residence

Rev. James Dahlinger, S.J., Townhouse/Mitchell Hall
Beth Scanlon, St. Mary's Hall
Rev. Donald Maldari, S.J., Nelligan Hall
Rev. Robert Scully, S.J., Foery Hall