Office of Human Resources

Le Moyne is a great place to study, and it's also a great place to work.

 What's the best part of Le Moyne? “Working with the  students.  I once read an article that said the best way to stay young is to surround yourself with young people.  That is exactly what I am doing and hopefully it is helping me to stay young in the process.” - Donna Shapiro, Student Loan Coordinator (5 years of service)

Why did you choose to work at Le Moyne? "I chose to work at Le Moyne because of my experience as a Le Moyne student. To elaborate, I not only enjoyed the company of my swimming teammates, but also the interaction with professors, staff, and the community as a whole. Becoming an employee of the college is one of the ways that I can stay part of that community and directly contribute to the positive experience of current students." - Zachary Hisert, Development Associate

Why did you choose to work at Le Moyne? "I love my Le Moyne! I was a student here - just recently finishing up my degree program - and am thrilled to be able to continue to grow within a community that has contributed so much to my educational and personal experiences." - Maureen Compoli, Student Acct Rep

What's the best part of working at Le Moyne? "The best part of working at Le Moyne is the feeling that this campus is my home, and that the Le Moyne community is my family." - Georgene Carson, Laboratory Coordinator (25 years of service)

Why did you choose to work at Le Moyne? "I chose to return to Le Moyne after being away for 17 years as I was eager to get back to an atmosphere that considers and appreciates the whole person – intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I look forward to getting involved in all aspects of the Le Moyne Community." Kasha Godleski, Assoc Dir for Athletic Advancement

What's the best part of working at Le Moyne? "The collegiality and whole hearted commitment of my coworkers to the service of others, supporting others to realize their full potential.  The creativity in the process of living this mission is what keeps me engaged each and every day in the workplace, and creates a broader sense of fulfillment in my life outside of work." Pat Bliss, Director of Continuing Education (15 years of service)

Why did you choose to work at Le Moyne? "For a number of reasons: I found the math department was very welcoming and friendly; I was excited about the Jesuit mission which I felt gave the school "heart;" and, having adjuncted here, I knew and respected the student body, which I'd found to be both curious and hard-working." Catilin Cunningham, Asst Professor of Mathematics

What's the best part of working at Le Moyne? "To me, it’s knowing that what I and all my colleagues are doing here is directly, or in many cases indirectly, affecting the lives of our students in a positive manner. That what we work so hard at doing will in turn give someone who may not otherwise have been afforded such an opportunity, to be able to grow and flourish as a person, both socially and intellectually." Patrick Shandorf, Asst Dir of Prospect Management (5 years of service)

Why did you choose to work at Le Moyne? "When we sold Oneida Ltd., I had to make some decisions regarding where to best focus my time and energy.  Naturally, it was a time to deploy a Jesuitical approach:  First, reflection.  Then, action.  I decided to give back to the alma mater that I so cherish." Jim Joseph, Dean of the Madden School of Business