Campus Blue Light Emergency Telephones

Strategically located across the Le Moyne College campus are numerous Blue Light Emergency Telephones for the campus community to use for emergency purpose as they travel on the pathways across the campus. These telephones are answered by the Le Moyne College Security Office. They are activated by pressing the red colored button on the emergency panel. Once activated, the top blue light strobe will begin to flash. Security personnel will be alerted of the Blue Light location and two way conversation between the caller and Security personnel can begin. If the caller does not immediately state their emergency, Security personnel can listen for any activity and possibly view the location via campus security cameras. A Security Officer will immediately be dispatched to the location. Blue Light Emergency Telephones are situated at following areas:

  1. Pathway in the rear of the Athletic Center next to the Lacrosse Field
  2. C- Lot Parking area in the near the south west corner of Dablon Hall
  3. Pathway between the Library and the Performing Arts Center.
  4. Pathway next to the Chapel.
  5. Le Moyne Heights – Corner of Springfield Rd. and Masters Rd.
  6. Mitchell Hall pathway to the Townhouses
  7. Rear of Grewen Hall – Dolphin Den
  8. Le Moyne Plaza – Front Lawn