Information Technology


A basic introductory course for faculty using or considering using Blackboard, we will cover the Blackboard interface, pedagogical uses of the software, and the technical details of getting your course materials online.

This course will be for faculty already familiar with the basic Blackboard interface and functionality but have only had expereince with version 7.1.  It will highlight the significant changes in the user interface as well as new features and functions.  In order to enroll in this class, faculty should have already taken a group or individual Blackboard session from IT at some time in the past.

Using the grade book and assignments feature in Blackboard 9

Brown Bag session

Usability is one of those popular buzzwords that is all over the web developer community, but what does it mean to you as you contribute content to the College's website or maintain your own personal site? This session will explore some of the basic principles of usability including the latest research on how visitors interact with a page, simple ways you can improve the usability of your site, how usability helps accessibility for the disabled visitor, and strategies for content development. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Brown Bag session

With apologies to the good folks at Apple, please come to this brown bag session to see what tools are available in the content management system to help you make a splash online. See what your colleagues have done in the system, ask what the different tools do, even brainstorm a bit about how to best showcase your group's web presence.
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