Information Technology

Offers & Discounts

Students choosing to buy a computer from Dell will receive up to an additional 12% discount off of the regular educational discounts offered through Dell's Education Site. All of the systems offered by Dell meet or exceed the computer specifications recommended by the College. To see the offerings for the Le Moyne Community from Dell,
please click on this link.

When entering this site, please use Customer ID #:

In addition to Dell, we provide links to the education sites for several other computer vendors: Apple and HP. These companies provide high quality machines to students at a reasonable price. Each of these companies have educational pricing to ensure that students are getting competitively priced computers that meet or exceed the campus minimum recommended configurations. Computer offerings and prices reflected on those sites represent manufacturers offerings and are subject to change without notice. Click on any of the images below to learn more.


Computers are ordered directly from the manufacturer, and will be shipped to your home address over the summer. Upon arrival to campus, members of the Information Technology staff will be available to assist you in configuring your computer to authenticate to the campus network.

Please note, with the exception of connectivity to the campus network, all service and support on these machines will be provided directly from the respective manufacturers or their local vendors.


Network Interface Cards and Ethernet Cables


If your computer does not have a built-in network card or a card pre-installed from the computer manufacturer, you will need to purchase one in order for your computer to be able to connect to the campus network and the internet. Most computers purchased today, including all those from the above programs with Apple, Compaq, Dell and Gateway have network cards pre-installed. If your computer does not have a network card installed, you can puchase one from most technology retailers (ie. Staples, Best Buy, Office Max, etc.)


The Campus Bookstore sells network interface cables compatable with the campus network. Information Technology recommends buying a 25 foot cable. With this length, no matter where in your computer is located in your residence hall room, you should be able to reach the wall jack without haveing to run the cable across the room.