Welcome to Information Technology

Connecting to the Network

In order to be able to use your personal computer on campus, you must register it with Information Technology on your first connection to the internet. To get connected, simply plug your ethernet cable into the orange jack in your residence hall room. Start up your computer and open up your internet browser. The only page that you should be able to see is the desktop registration page (http://deskreg.lemoyne.edu) . Follow the instructions there carefully to register your computer on the College’s network.

Le Moyne College requires that all computers connected to the campus network maintain current and active desktop security software such as anti-virus.  Le Moyne offers Sophos Anti-virus free to all residential students.  As you register your computer you will be given the option to install our anti-virus software.  You will be required to log in using your College username and password (provided to you at orientation) as well as provide some information about your computer.

All information collected via the registration process will remain solely in the possession of Information Technology and will only be shared with the necessary authorities in the event of network or security violations.

The College developed this system to ensure that only authorized Le Moyne College students are allowed to access campus network resources and connect computers on the campus network.

This registration system will allow Information Technology to:

  • Ensure that only authorized users access our network resources
  • Enhance overall security of the Campus network
  • Identify the owner of each computer connected to the campus network
  • Better understand our users and the computing environment that we maintain


If you have any difficulty connecting, Information Technology Staff will be in the residence halls on Opening Weekend to assist you in getting started!