Registering for your 1st Semester


As a new student to Le Moyne, we want you to feel confident that you will receive the necessary support in developing your first semester schedule. At Le Moyne, all students meet with an academic advisor prior to registration in order to discuss their specific program and plan out their courses appropriately. The first semester is no different. We arrange an opportunity for both first year students and new transfer students to meet with a faculty member in their discipline or learning community.


New First-year Students: During Le Moyne's Summer Welcome program, new students will have an opportunity to meet with their first-year advisor and other members of their major. During this session, you will review a draft of your fall schedule based on your selected major, learning community, and the interests you identified online. Through an in-depth conversation with your advisor you will make changes to this schedule until it seems right. This is your tentative fall schedule. Throughout the remainder of the summer, minor changes may be made to that schedule as your AP or college credit transcripts are received and your placement exams are scored. You will receive your final schedule one week before classes begin so that you will be ready for your first day.


New Transfer Students: We know that you have been through college courses before so your initial advising session will look different from those of first-year students. Le Moyne welcomes new transfer students to attend one of several Express Registration sessions. During Express Registration, you will meet with a faculty member within your major department or a specially selected administrator to review your previous college coursework and assist you in registering for your first semester. You will leave this session with your course schedule.

Throughout these processes, we strongly encourage any student who has additional questions about their schedule to contact the Office of Academic Advising and Support at 315-445-4624. Questions specifically about transfer credit or AP scores should be addressed to the Registrar's Office at 315-445-4456.