The Academic Advising Committee

Within the Division of Student Development, Le Moyne's academic advisement is a mission-driven program that links the coordination of the academic advising needs of students with support for faculty in their roles as academic advisors and mentors.

To support this mission, the College's Academic Advising Committee, established in 2005 and made up of broad representation from faculty and administrators, has designed a developmental advising program that encourages a close working relationship between advisor and advisee throughout a student's time at Le Moyne. The Committee meets monthly during the Academic Year to address issues of concern to faculty about advising and also hosts an annual First-year Advisement Luncheon to assess the incoming class's needs at the end of the Fall semester, a Spring Advisor Workshop to discuss the coming year, and an Advising Brown Bag Series monthly to offer an exchange of ideas about topics of interest that have been recommended by academic advisors.

For more information on becoming a member of this Committee, please contact the Dean for Academic Advising and Support at x 4597.


2012-13 Academic Advising Committee Members

David Smith, P.h. D., Chair

Susan Ames

Carolyn Bashaw

Patricia Bevans

Dixie Blackley

Karel Blakeley

Kelly Delevan

Randy DeVett-McKeon

Natasha Farrell

Barbara Karper

Anne Kearney

George Kulick

Nancy Piscitell

Nicole Weaver

Chris Zimmer