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Arrupe Program in Social Ethics for Business Moves to Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College

In a move that ensures the continuation of the strong Jesuit-based legacy of developing, sustaining and refining ethics for business leaders, the Pedro Arrupe S.J. Program of Christian Social Ethics in Business has selected the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College as its new home.

“The Arrupe Program perfectly fits the vision of Le Moyne's new Madden School of Business,” said Le Moyne President Fred Pestello, Ph.D. “For nearly 20 years the esteemed Arrupe Program has served to meaningfully connect members of the academy with leaders in business. This important addition powerfully compliments the emerging Jesuit Case Series at Le Moyne. We are impressed with the mission and success of the Arrupe Program and pleased that it chose Le Moyne as its new home.”

Housed at the Woodstock Theological Center since 1994, the Pedro Arrupe S.J. Program of Christian Social Ethics in Business collaborates with theologians and business leaders to offer an opportunity to explore the practical application of business ethics and its impact on ethics-based academic instruction. A key component of the program are the Woodstock Business Conference (WBC) chapters. With a total of 14 chapters – including two in Europe – the WBC provides a network for the exploration of ideas related to the integration of faith and work. Consisting of bi-monthly meetings with a core group of 25 individuals, the chapters operate under the tagline “Affirming the Relevance of Religious Faith to Business Practice.” Le Moyne will maintain existing chapters and add new ones, while working on creating relationships between WBC chapters and Jesuit business schools and retreat centers for engagement and dialogue between the business and academic community.

Current Arrupe Program Senior Fellow John Fontana will continue his work with the program to deepen engagement with top-level CEO’s and next-generation leaders through conferences, symposia, and online videos addressing critical issues of business ethics through a theological lens. “A hallmark of the program has always been engaging the whole for all of us to be better,” said Fontana. “WBC chapters link local business leaders with the business schools and enhance the connections between research and practice, while providing opportunities for mentoring, speaking and teaching, internships, programming and employment for graduates that benefit local businesses. Today’s marketplace is looking for leaders who are emotionally intelligent, reflective and adaptive to lead and work in organizations navigating through constant cycles of change in a competitive global environment. Chapter meetings provide an opportunity to engage in critical thinking around issues and an awareness of affective issues that impact decision-making. ”

Le Moyne’s Jesuit Case Series provides a unique opportunity for integration with the work of WBC chapters in the U.S and abroad, according to Le Moyne Provost Linda LeMura. In collaboration with the other 93 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world, the Madden School is creating a national and international platform dedicated to the development and distribution of business cases with particular attention to issues of ethics, leadership, and sustainability. “Working with their academic counterparts, WBC chapter members will be encouraged to share their stories in case study format with Jesuit business school students,” said LeMura. “We are excited about the possibilities that exist to make the Jesuit Case Series a truly world-wide endeavor, with the Madden School of Business serving as the catalyst for teaching through the case-study method.”

“The fit between Le Moyne’s Madden School and the Arrupe Program is ideal,” said Father David McCallum, S.J., dean of the Madden School of Business. “The manner in which contemporary business students and professionals are educated for leadership is critical. The Madden School’s leadership position in groundbreaking global initiatives, such as the Jesuit Case Series, our strong institutional foundation and substantial resources makes us uniquely qualified to steward and expand upon the legacy of the Arrupe Program.”

Involvement with the WBC chapters and the Jesuit Case Series will allow alumni to remain involved with their institutions, McCallum noted. The Arrupe Program will be housed under the Center for Reflective Leadership and Business Ethics, one of three centers within the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne.

posted on: 7/16/2013