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"Careers in Science: How Promoting Work-Life Balance Improves Diversity"

On Friday, Oct. 18 at 3:30 p.m., Le Moyne College will host an interdisciplinary event that will cover basic science and gender inequalities. The talk will feature three high profile scientists – Dr. Joshua Drew from Columbia University, Dr. Michael Tomasson from Washington University, and “Dr. Isis,” a pseudonymous exercise physiologist at a major research university and well-known science blogger.

Presentations begin at 3:30 p.m. in Room 100 of Le Moyne’s new science building, followed by a conversation in the College’s Campus Pub, located in the Campus Center from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

The first hour of the event will consist of research presentations by each speaker. The next hour will be a panel discussion on why it is important to keep women in science careers. The continued discussion at the Campus Pub will focus on “pubscience” and will be live tweeted using the hashtag #pubscience.

Joshua Drew, Ph.D. is a faculty member in the department of ecology, evolution and environmental biology at Columbia University. His talk is titled "Using Weaponized Shark Teeth to Reconstruct Ancient Reef Ecosystems." He teaches, conducts research on the evolution and conservation of marine biodiversity, and runs the Master of Arts program in conservation biology. Drew's work looks at the biogeography, evolution and conservation of coral reef fishes in the South Pacific. While primarily a molecular ecologist, his work covers a broad range of topics such as describing new species of reef fish, exploring patterns of endemism and how one can use shark toothed weapons to characterize predator communities in the past. His work in conservation is multidisciplinary having published with with anthropologists, poetical scientists and conservation managers.

Michael Tomasson, M.D. is an associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine in the departments of internal medicine and genetics. His research focus is on the genetics of multiple myeloma, a currently incurable cancer of immune cells. He is also committed to mentoring young doctors and scientists and to using the internet as a tool to share untold stories and viewpoints.

Dr. Isis is a pseudonymous exercise physiologist at a major research university, studying cardiopulmonary physiology. Her talk is titled "Diapers, Development and the Drive to Breathe: How Life-Saving Treatments Permanently Alter the Physiology of the Premature Infant." Her current work focuses on exercise and the development of the heart and lungs. She is enthusiastic about teaching, doing good science. exercise, her family, and promoting diversity through her blog.

For more information on the event contact Lara R. DeRuisseau, Ph.D., associate professor of biological sciences at Le Moyne College, at deruislr@lemoyne.edu.

Funding for this event is provided by the biological sciences department, the lectures committee, the gender and women studies committee and the student development office.
posted on: 10/4/2013