Style Guide

The purpose of Le Moyne's visual identity program is to create a consistent image and brand for the College. The guidelines explained are the authorized graphic design standards for the college, and should be applied to all visual communications, such as printed materials, advertisements, signage, web sites and merchandise. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Communications at ext. 4555 or communications@lemoyne.edu.

Official College Logo 


This is the official Le Moyne College logo. ALL OTHER VERSIONS of the logo should be discontinued. The Office of Communications can supply high-res artwork or certain file types when requested. The above is LOW RES and may NOT be used in print materials. The logo should be used in conjunction with the official tagline (Spirit. Inquiry. Leadership. Jesuit.) at all times. Whenever "Le Moyne College" is typed, a word space is used between "Le" and "Moyne."

Athletic Logo



 This is the official Le Moyne athletic logo and should be used on all athletic pieces or those with an athletic component. The dolphin icon is most applicable for use in athletic pieces and student life pieces.


The authorized typefaces (fonts) for Le Moyne are Goudy Old Style and Helvetica. These typefaces are used in various ways to visually reflect the tone of the information. On the web, all body copy should be set to "Normal" and headlines should be set to "Heading 2" "Heading 3" or "Heading 4."

College Seal

The Le Moyne College seal should only be used where it is appropriate, in official College pieces. The Office of Communications can supply high-res artwork or certain file types when requested. Again, the version here should not be used, as it is LOW RES.


Green and Gold are the official colors of the college. In print, the approved tones are Pantone 349 (Green) and Pantone 872 (Gold). When metallic ink is not applicable, Pantone 7406 (Yellow) may be substituted. On the web, the approved tones are #0066233 (Green) and #EED424 (Yellow). Other supporting tones are #E5D680 and #D6B956 (Yellow Beige). Other colors used in print pieces are below:


AP Style

For consistancy in printed materials, the Office of Communications uses the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. In order to maintain consistent editorial style throughout all College publications, this stylebook is followed as closely as possible. A copy of the stylebook is available for review in the Office of Communications. Download the Editorial Style Guide (doc).