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Presentation of AACSB  Accreditation

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Le Moyne College seeks an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) to advance student and alumni entrepreneurship, develop high growth, high tech ventures backed by private capital, and forge connections between on-campus entrepreneurial efforts and local, regional and national resources.  Learn more or apply.

About Us

The School of Business at Le Moyne College strives for excellence through a carefully constructed business core curriculum and selected majors that provide a strong grounding in broad-based fundamental business knowledge and skills to prepare students for meaningful and productive careers as managers and professionals.

The members of the School of Business:
■ Are committed to the Jesuit ideal of care and concern for the individual while educating the whole person to appreciate the value of work and service to the community.
■ Welcome students from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds, and seek to enhance the academic progress and development of all students.
■ Value intellectual inquiry as an integral component of our academic environment, and seek to foster this spirit of inquiry through faculty participation in recognized scholarly and community activities.
■ Make use of and build on the liberal arts and foundations of Jesuit education to develop individuals who have strong analytical skills; who are able to think, write and speak clearly and effectively; who have an understanding of the diverse and dynamic global environment in which we live; and who are well prepared for ethical decision making.


The School of Busienss will be recognized for its quality business programs, commitment to service, and high standards of integrity and ethics.

Core Values

■ We recognize service to students as our central commitment.
■ We value faculty teaching, research and community service.
■ We expect high standards of integrity and ethics.
■ We uphold an environment of respect, collegiality, concern and collaboration.
■ We value open and effective communication.
■ We value intellectual inquiry and investigation.
■ We value service to others.

Dean of the School of Business
Wally Elmer
Grewen Hall Room 209K


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