The McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation


Endowed McDevitt Chairs

As a research center, the McDevitt Center is anchored in our endowed McDevitt Chairs in Computer Science, Management/Information Systems, Physics, and Religious Philosophy. These chairs represent the heart of all of the McDevitt Center’s faculty programming and initiatives. All other programs and initiatives directly supported by the McDevitt Center are oriented and informed by the questions, projects, and challenges engaged by the occupants of these chairs and are intended to bring distinction to these chairs and enhance their value to Le Moyne College.

Given the central and shaping role they play, the McDevitt Chairs will be occupied in short-term appointments by eminent thinkers and researchers who are at the forefront of their disciplines and whose work exemplifies the central goals and values of the McDevitt Center: their work will cut across disciplinary boundaries and transforms disciplinary self-understandings; engage emerging developments, perennial questions, or grand-challenges; enrich the research and teaching of Le Moyne’s regular faculty and enhance the education of our students; and demonstrate a mindful regard for values and a commitment to using research to positively impact our world.


Responsibilities of the McDevitt Chairs will (in most cases) include:

  • Working directly with both undergraduate and graduate students by, for example, addressing relevant courses, offering Core Lectures, working with students in the Integral Honors Program, mentoring individual students, etc.;
  • Offering a “master-class” to Le Moyne faculty that will also be open to faculty from other area colleges and universities and to selected members of the wider community;
  • Assisting relevant Le Moyne faculty to advance and develop their own research;
  • Offering one (or more) public lectures related to their work;
  • Organizing a significant national or international conference to be held at Le Moyne during their tenure as McDevitt Chair;
  • Acting as ambassadors for Le Moyne College and the McDevitt Center.