The McDevitt Center

Programs and Initiatives
Internship Grants Program

“Hi-Caliber Internships: Enriching Education and Launching Remarkable Careers”

From its inception, a central focus of the McDevitt Center has been integrating, promoting, and supporting a full spectrum of experiential learning and the kinds of co-curricular programs that dramatically enhance student engagement and learning. 


McDevitt-Core Professorship and Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

The McDevitt Center at Le Moyne College will sponsor an ongoing set of "Trasformations" courses, to be identified as "Core 400m" and organized in relationship to the ongoing lecture series designed by the McDevitt Core Professor working with the various McDevitt Chairs.  The purpose of these lectures and this course is to enrich the life of the college by involving students and faculty in the events and lectures tied to the McDevitt Chairs and, by so doing, to help bring distinction to the chairs, enhance their value for Le Moyne College, and raise Le Moyne's national and international profile.


Science and Religion in Modern America

If science bears witness to the timeless human desire to understand the universe and our place within it, the enduring power of religion testifies to the insufficiency of science alone to fully satisfy this longing. While this situation calls for thoughtful consideration of the respective roles of both science and religion in the human search for meaning and understanding, it has too often produced the kinds of uncomprehending antagonism between the two that mark the intellectual, social, and political landscape of the contemporary United States.


Science, Technology, and Information: 'Grand Challenges'
Call for Proposals

In Academic Year 2013-2014, the McDevitt Center for Creativity and Innovation, in partnership with the McDevitt Chair in Information Systems, will sponsor broad research and teaching initiatives focused on ‘grand challenges;’ areas of enduring challenge and critical importance that are worthy of serious scholarship and investigation as well as appropriate venues for long-term research, programming, investment, and exploration.