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    Why Study Chemistry at Le Moyne College?

    Chemistry is not just all around us - it’s in us. Ninety-nine percent of our bodies are comprised of just six elements. Chemical reactions occur as we breathe, as we eat, and even as we read. As a chemistry major, you’ll unravel the mysteries behind how many natural and engineered systems around us work, from DNA on the small scale, to ecosystems on the large scale, to the foods, drugs and fuels that sustain life every day. You’ll work with professors who are outstanding teachers, published researchers and caring mentors, and will have the opportunity to conduct original research under their guidance. Following graduation, you’ll find a wide array of paths available to you, including pursuing graduate study in a chemical science or health-related field such as medicine or dentistry or employment in areas such as pharmacology or environmental testing. Since all matter is made of chemicals, the study of chemistry is really the study of everything. 

    Program Highlights

    Faculty in the department directly mentor students in original research projects. The department also offers

    • 4+1 programs with Syracuse University in Chemical Engineering and Forensic Science
    • a concentration in education; eligible students may apply for a scholarship through the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship grant
    • a summer research partnership with SU’s domestic and international REU program
    • an interdisciplinary BS in Biochemistry

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    In addition to the lab jobs, research, and teaching that one might expect, our graduates find work in a variety of fields:

    • Chemistry in the Arts: makeup design; 3D printer polymers
    • Environmental Protection: groundwater and soil monitoring
    • Public Health: public safety, governmental work
    • Public Information and Outreach
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Science Policy
    • Social Impact/Activism
    • Technical Communication

    Degree Options


    Chemistry (B.S.)
    Biochemistry (B.S)

    Distinctive Courses: Bitter/Sweet: Stimulating Human History With Caffeine and Sugar, Science and WWII, Biotech: Wonder Drugs to Mutant Bugs

    Special Programs

    4+1 with Syracuse University leading to MS in Chemical Engineering or Forensic Science
    Certification in Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12)


    Learn more in our academic catalog

    Get in Touch

    Contact the Department Chair:

    Dr. Anna Y. O'Brien


    (315) 445-4674


    Contact the Department:

    Coyne Science Center 230
    Department of Chemistry and Physics
    Le Moyne College
    1419 Salt Springs Road
    Syracuse, NY 13214


    (315) 445-4349