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As arts administrators, this is our job - providing today's artists with the framework, resources, and support that they need in order to create great works of art. In short, making art work.

Through coursework and real-world experience, Le Moyne's all-new, interdisciplinary arts administration minor prepares students who wish to make a difference in the arts world.

Through partnerships with the departments of visual and performing arts, communication and film studies, and the Madden School of Business, the arts administration minor offers flexibility for students of any major.

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Imagine Your Future

Two dozen Le Moyne students minoring in Arts Administration got a taste of Disney recently without flying all the way to Orlando. (Not that they would have minded such a trip, of course.) In this case, all they needed was a short drive to downtown Syracuse, where, at the newly renovated and exquisite Landmark Theater, they met Jack Eldon, vice president of Disney Theatricals. It is Eldon’s job to schedule tours for Disney’s Broadway shows and to oversee the marketing of those complex and very popular productions. What did the Le Moyne students get from the trip? Something even more useful than a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. They learned from Eldon just how not-for-profit theaters like The Landmark go about hosting the elaborate offerings of big companies like Disney. They learned how performances have to be booked long in advance of when audiences actually show up, because there is so much to be done by so many people. They learned, in one magical afternoon not far from campus, how to more fully imagine themselves into jobs that will allow them to bring arts to life in their communities.

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