Arts Administration

Arts Administration Minor (15 credit hours)

Students interested in exploring the application of management principles in the context of the art world (dance, film, music, theatre and visual art) are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary arts administration minor program. 

Arts administration minors are asked to earn nine credits in the arts administration core and six credits through the applied arts courses and additional communication and business courses.


Required Arts Administration Foundation Courses(9 credits)

  AAD 201  Arts Administration I: An Introduction (3)
    An introduction to the world of arts administration, focusing on not-for-profit organizations and exploring the various types of arts organizations and management principles applied therein.  Students will participate in discussions both in class and online, and will prepare to apply their knowledge in real-world settings through the arts administration internship (AAD 490).
   AAD 301 Arts Administration II: Financial Management and Fundraising (3)
    An exploration of the financial issues relevant to the not-for-profit arts industry, including budgeting, financial management, and fundraising.  Students will actively participate in financial analysis activities, the creation of grant proposals, and the drafting of fundraising appeal letters.
   AAD 490 Arts Administration Internship (3)
    Students will have the opportunity to complete a semester-long internship with a cultural organization as a part of this required course for the arts administration minor.  Students will work closely with the faculty member supervising the internship, reporting to the faculty member as the internship progresses.  Students will also evaluate the experience and relate it to their course of study in the arts administration program.  Pass/fail grades only.  Click here for more information.


Applied Arts Courses (choose 3 credits)

  ART 220 Drawing (3)
  ART 230 Painting (3)
  ART 240 Black and White Photography (3)
  ART 243 Color Photography (3)
  ART 260 Sculpture (3)
  CMM 205 Introduction to Video Production (3)
  CMM 307 Communications Photography (3)
  CMM 315 Filmmaking as Art (3)
  CMM 332 Dramatic Video Production (3)*
  MUS 390 Applied Music I (1)
  MUS 391 Applied Music II (2)
  MUS 394 Choral Ensembles (1)
  MUS 395 Instrumental Ensembles (1)
  THR 203 Voice and Movement (3)
  THR 205 Acting I (3)*
  THR 206 Movement for the Stage (3)
  THR 265 Theatre Performance Practicum (1)
  THR 271 Ballet Dance Technique (3)
  THR 273 Contemporary Jazz Technique (3)
  THR 275 Modern Dance Technique (3)
  THR 277 Musical Theatre Dance (3)
  THR 305 Advanced Acting: Methods and Styles (3)*
  THR 306 Advanced Acting: Topics in Performance (3)*
  THR 307 Acting Shakespeare (3)*
  THR 314 Costume Design (3)*
  THR 315 Scene Design (3)*
  THR 316 Design for Shakespeare (3)
  THR 317 Lighting Design (3)*
  THR 340 Directing (3)*
  THR 386 Introduction to Playwriting (3)*
  THR 389 Writing the One Act Play (3)*


Communication and Business Courses (choose 3 credits)

  ACT 203 Financial Accounting (3)
  CMM 102 Music Industry (3)
  CMM 201 Fundamentals of Speech (3)*
  CMM 308 Media Layout and Design (3)*
  CMM 376 The Art and Forms of Advertising (3)*
  CMM 377 Introduction to Public Relations (3)*
  CMM 378 Creative Advertising (3)*
  CMM 379 Music Journalism (3)*
  CMM 476 Advertising Issues and Practices (3)*
  CMM 477 Advanced Public Relations (3)*
  HRM 301 Human Resource Management (3)
  MGT 301 Introduction to Organization and Management (3)
  MGT 310 Entrepreneurship I: What's the Idea? Why You? Any Takers? (3)
  MKT 301 Principles of Marketing (3)
  MKT 406 Nonprofit Marketing (3)*
  STA 201 Statistics I (3)


*denotes courses with prerequisites


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