An interdisciplinary major in biochemistry is available. For details, see Interdisciplinary Programs.


Learning goals for the biochemistry major

As an interdisciplinary program whose curriculum overlaps extensively with both biology and chemistry, it is natural that the learning goals of the biochemistry curriculum also overlap extensively with the majors of biological sciences and chemistry.

  1. An understanding of biological chemistry, molecular biology, and related subdisciplines of biology and chemistry.
  2. Working knowledge of a broad range of laboratory techniques, including proficiency with and safe operation of the major tools commonly employed (quantitative, qualitative, and instrumental) and the ability to interpret and analyze data generated by these tools.
  3. Facility in constructing or using conceptual models of chemical and biological systems using critical, analytical, and logical thought.
  4. Working knowledge of the relationship between theory and experimental design; an understanding of the role of "scientific method" in experimental design and data interpretation.
  5. Facility with mathematics required to analyze and interpret conceptual and mathematical models of biological and chemical systems.
  6. The ability to write, critically read, and discuss scientific literature.
  7. General understanding of the relationship of chemistry and biology to other natural sciences and to society.  

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