Biological Sciences


Meet Some Graduates

Michael Feely, D.O., Class of 2006
Majored in Biology

After graduation – Became an osteopathic physician, currently chief resident in the Department of Pathology at the University of Florida

“I look back at my choice to attend Le Moyne as one of the best decisions I have made in my long journey of education. The opportunities afforded to me during what seemed like a brief four years were invaluable and I am forever indebted to my faculty mentors such as Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Smith. In addition to providing me with an exceptional well-rounded education and opportunities to contribute to novel research, my time at Le Moyne helped foster and influence my general approach to life. These lessons undoubtedly serve me now in my current position and will most certainly assist me as I progress in my career.”

Elizabeth Elacqua, Ph.D., Class of 2006
Double major in Biology and Chemistry

After graduation – Went on to earn a doctorate, currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University’s Molecular Design Institute and Department of Chemistry


“The biggest influence on my career thus far has been my decision to attend Le Moyne College. At Le Moyne, I encountered very supportive faculty members within both chemistry and biology, who were willing to let me enthusiastically tackle anything I desired. In the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence, these professors placed an extreme emphasis on student creativity and problem solving, while always providing guidance and encouragement. In this context, their willingness to ‘not say no’ led me to start chemistry research as a freshman, wrestle with senior science classes as a sophomore, and develop an innovative goal-driven mindset. Collectively, all of these indubitably aided my path through graduate school, where one is tasked with pioneering and engaging in cutting-edge research, and disseminating results to the community. I owe much of my success to the fostering environment that I encountered at Le Moyne.”

Jainty John, Class of 2013
Majored in Biology

After graduation – Currently a second year student in Le Moyne College’s Physician Assistant Studies Program

“To me, Le Moyne College has an awareness of the universal importance of the sciences, and the rapid pace of scientific advances. The people supporting this institution strive to make sure the students have everything we need to grow and flourish in order to prepare us to face the real world. Hence Le Moyne is committed to many students, and to me as biology major, because this College encourages and pushes us to learn… I cannot express in words how much the program has supported me and reached out for all my needs. Knowing I can count on the support and guaranteed commitment of the faculty makes me want to continue and do better. Best of all I am proud to walk into unfamiliar areas as a Le Moyne student because the College is known to many for its reputation of providing an excellent education, and because they teach students to help other people. This fact has earned me so much respect and kindness. My deepest thanks to all who represent Le Moyne College.”

Alums in the workplace

Michelle Mader, Ph.D. (class of 2001)
Current position: Senior Research Scientist at Wyeth Pharmacueticals - Michelle engineers and purifies various proteins and antibodies.

"I liked Le Moyne for the small classroom size, general atmosphere, and quality of the college.  The quality of the professors is outstanding and the range of Biology courses to choose from is a great asset. This allowed me to grow intellectually as well as gain confidence in my scientific abilities."

Student-mentor success

Among recent students involved in research at Le Moyne who were mentored by Associate Professor Lara DeRuisseau, Ph.D.

  • Nadia Orosz, medical student, State University of NY: Upstate Medical University
  • Kimberly Pompo, veterinary student, University of Tennessee
  • Jeffrey Summers, osteopathic medicine student, Rocky Vista University
  • Stephanie Livermore, (integral honors) physician assistant alumni, Le Moyne College
  • Michelle Zoccollilo, (departmental honors), dental student and currently doing research at the State University of NY: University at Buffalo. Michelle was recently chosen as a finalist for the undegraduate research award based on her submitted abstract and platform presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Sylvia Zabycz, Ph.D. student, State University of NY: Upstate Medical University
  • Kristin Baker (current), accepted to medical school, St. Georges University

Among the students recently mentored by Associate Professor Devon Keeney, Ph.D.

  •  Aleksander Szymaniak, Ph.D program in cellular and molecular biology, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Jason Palladino, master’s program in genetics, University of Connecticut
  • Jonathan Hess, department of neuroscience Ph.D. program, SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Sean Lindley, current student, accepted into several Ph.D. programs