Computer Science

Computer Science Major

As an undergraduate computer science student at Le Moyne, you'll learn how to: design and implement software; develop effective ways to solve computing problems, and devise new ways to use computational devices. Le Moyne's computer science program balances the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline within a strong liberal arts framework. Ask a software engineer about their job and they'll likely mention the cool stuff - developing new apps, discovering defects in your code, or designing a new feature into an existing app. What is often not talked about are the activities that lead to the cool stuff - presenting a prototype of a new app, documenting your test results, discussing a new feature with a domain expert, or writing a software specification. As a computer science student at Le Moyne, our program will help you develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate your ideas to others, to appreciate the diversity of roles needed when developing complex software systems, and to perform the technical work that is more directly associated with being a computer science major.

The computer science program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree along with two pre-engineering concentrations. Both degree programs provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to obtain an entry-level position as a software engineer or to pursue a master's degree in computer science or software engineering. The two pre-engineering concentrations give you the option of going directly into a Master's program at Syracuse University in either computer science or computer engineering. All of the computer science programs require a student to earn a minor in another discipline, allowing each student to pursue a deeper understanding of another subject area.


Computer Science Minor

Given the ubiguitous nature of computing tools across most industry sectors, a computer science minor complements many majors. To complete a minor in computer science a student must take five computer science courses that are numbered 175 and higher. 


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