Computer Science

Among the jobs that individuals with a bachelor's degree in computer science are equiped to fill are:

  • Software Engineer (a.k.a., Software Developer, Programmer, Applications Programmer, Software Programmer)
  • Systems Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer (a.k.a., Web Programmer)
  • Database Administrator
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Operating Systems Programmer (aka Systems Software Developer)
  • Systems Integrator
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Network Programmer
  • Game Developer
  • Maintenance Programmer
  • Technical Writer

Since information technology is used in nearly every industry, there is tremendous flexibility regarding how you choose to apply your skills. For example, you could choose to work in the:

  • Software industry – to develop, maintain and support software products.
  • Retail industry – to work on systems that support point-of-sale, inventory and logistics.
  • Entertainment industry – to work on graphics-based systems.
  • Defense industry – to work on systems that support offensive and/or defensive capabilities.
  • Manufacturing industry – to work on software that is embedded into a product (e.g., cruise control in a car).
  • Pharmaceutical industry – to build software systems that support research into new drugs.


Our students have many opportunities to obtain an internship either during the summer months or during the school year. About 50% of our students obtain a highly competitive internship.

Job Prospects

About 85% of our graduates have started a job within 3 months of graduating. All of these jobs have been in either CNY or in Upstate NY. Le Moyne's Office of Career Services can help you identify employment opportunities. The following websites may also be useful.


Software Engineer

Computer Scientist

Computer Systems Analyst

Graduate School

The following websites can assist you in identifying graduate school opportunities.