Le Moyne has partnered with Syracuse University for an innovative bachelor’s + master’s engineering program

There are two ways to pursue careers in engineering at Le Moyne. The most exciting is our Bachelor's + Master's degree program offered in partnership with the L.C. Smith College of Engineering at Syracuse University. Tracks in chemical, computer, civil, environmental, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and biological engineering are available.

Students in the program complete their four-year bachelors degree — in physics, computer science, chemistry, or biology, as appropriate — at Le Moyne, while taking engineering courses at Syracuse University at no additional cost. Students who complete these engineering concentrations in good standing (including maintaining a 3.0 GPA, both overall and in their mathematics, science and engineering courses) are admitted directly to the appropriate master's degree program at Syracuse University and receive a 50% tuition waiver, typically completing their master's degree in an additional three semesters. Students in this innovative program earn both a bachelor's degree from Le Moyne and a master's degree in engineering from Syracuse University in just one semester more than it takes students in traditional 3+2 engineering programs to earn two bachelor's degrees.

Le Moyne also has more traditional 3+2 agreements with Clarkson University, Detroit-Mercy University, and Manhattan College. In this program, students spend three years at Le Moyne and two more at the partner institution, graduating with a bachelor's degree in physics from Le Moyne and a bachelor's degree in engineering from the partner.

With a strong liberal-arts background, a Le Moyne educated pre-engineering student graduates with writing and communication skills as strong as their engineering preparation.

Program Director: David Craig
116 Coyne Science Center
Visit his web page.

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