Studying Film may be a relatively new field, but it is quickly growing. The New York Times is calling Film Studies “The New MBA.” Click here to read the article.  Some of our minors have gone on to study film at the graduate level.  Some are working in the film industry (or in related fields, like television).  But Film Studies, like the study of literature, provides training in critical thinking that is an asset for almost any field of endeavor.

What Our Students Have to Say

These fine students have completed or are currently working on a Film Studies Minor.

"I enjoy the Film Program because it challenges me to closely examine classic films in order to find meaning. The program certainly has improved my critical thinking and writing skills." –Jim Fleury ‘09

"The film minor classes have opened my eyes to a medium I already loved. It has introduced me to movies I would never would have seen otherwise, or been able to understand. The classes let you experience a whole new aspect and appreciation of film."– Ricky Vernetti '09

"What's unique about the film minor at Le Moyne is that it is an interdisciplinary program.  So, I had the opportunity to apply what I learned in my other classes (such as English, Philosophy and Political Science and Women's Studies) in a practical format, while learning about film history and critical theory.  I cannot overstate the benefits of studying film at Le Moyne.  I would recommend the minor to students of all majors."  - Sarah Morisano ‘05

"The film minor is a wonderful complement to the English Major. It helps you understand all forms of expression, thinking, and how to analyze film as a text. The film minor applies to all aspects of your life, academic and personal. It might be hard work, but it's some of the most fun you will have in college." – Adelle Moore ‘06

"I added the film minor in my senior year, and I am so happy that I did. The classes that I took were some of the most challenging as well as enjoyable classes I took at Le Moyne. Professor Grossman and Novak were engaging and informative. They were a lot of work, but they were worth it." – Jillian Cain ‘06

"Completing the film minor at Le Moyne was one of the most rewarding things I did during college. The courses were fun, stimulating, and a great variety were offered each year. I was introduced to new forms of analysis and gained general appreciation of all genres. A wide variety of film-related events on campus and in Syracuse made the minor even more enjoyable. When I vacationed in Hollywood, I felt I had extra knowledge and insight while touring historic movie studios. I would recommend the minor to anyone!" – Kerry L Delduchetto '07

The Film Program provides excellent opportunities to expand your resumé and get more involved
with the Syracuse International Film Festival. The festival is always looking for volunteers (on and off season)! Become immersed in a society of film and receive free admission to events for your help! Visit their site for volunteer information.