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Literature Concentration

Literature Concentration


The literature program offers a variety of courses that give students an essential grounding in literary history and the opportunity to pursue individual interests. At the core of the program are courses organized by time periods, such as the Anglo-Saxon and late-Medieval epochs, the English Renaissance, Colonial America, the Victorian Age, the Modern and Contemporary periods. Other courses offer concentrated study of particular genres--such as the novel, poetry, drama and film--or of single authors, from Mark Twain to Toni Morrison, Wharton to Rushdie, Shakespeare to Gordimer. Still other courses focus on specialized or advanced topics in literary study, such as literary theory, literature and psychology, gender and literature, African-American literature, and the literature of Ireland. 

In addition to the English major with a concentration in literature, the department offers five tracks of study leading to New York state teacher certification in Dual Childhood/Special Education; Middle Childhood Education; Adolescent Education; Dual Adolescent/Special Education; and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). (See program for the curricular requirements of these different major tracks.) 

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