The mathematics program serves two primary functions: 1) to offer students majoring in mathematics a well-rounded, career-oriented program in mathematics, and 2) to offer other students careful instruction in using the mathematical tools required by their disciplines. In keeping with the first objective, the department requires its majors to complete a common core of eight mathematics courses (including a senior research project), to complete courses in each of three cognate fields (foreign language, computer science and natural science) and to concentrate further in one of four areas (pure mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, education) by completing a sequence of at least four additional mathematics courses and a variable number of other courses. Majors must declare their area of concentration by the end of their sophomore year


Mathematics Minor

To graduate with a minor in mathematics, a student must complete a program approved by the department chair consisting of at least five mathematics courses numbered 145 or higher. No course may be taken pass/fail


Learning objectives

Le Moyne College expects its mathematics graduates will:

  • Have a well-rounded introduction to the main branches of modern mathematics that keeps an appropriate balance between theoretical and applied mathematics.
  • Have the training and knowledge necessary to appreciate and apply modern mathematics and to find rewarding careers in mathematics related fields, or to pursue further education.
  • Have an understanding of the tools required to be able to quantitatively analyze and understand the natural and social world.
  • Have the ability to solve problems, think analytically, and reason quantitatively.
  • Have the ability to access and communicate mathematical information.
  • Have an appreciation of the concept of formal mathematical proof and the ability to write simple proofs.
  • Participate actively in mathematics related events.

As a result of these objectives, students will be qualified to:

  • Undertake advanced studies in the mathematical sciences.
  • Become qualified teachers of mathematics.
  • Pursue careers in any of the numerous areas where mathematics is applied or quantitative reasoning is needed.

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