Peace and Global Studies

Peace and global studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide students with a way to understand the origins, challenges and ethical problems of the contemporary world. Students who take this major explore how the concepts of justice and peace are linked to issues of economics, labor relations, the environment, religion, gender and family, law and human rights, communications and culture.

As an interdisciplinary major, not all courses are offered by one department. Rather, courses are drawn from various fields in the humanities, (history, philosophy, religious studies) the social sciences (political science, anthropology, sociology) and foreign languages. An important component of peace and global studies is the study of foreign languages. Majors are required to take six credits beyond intermediate in one language and pass a proficiency examination.


Peace and global studies majors are also required to take PGS 201, an interdisciplinary introduction to peace and global studies, and a capstone course. Peace and global studies majors are required to spend at least one semester abroad. They are also encouraged to participate in internship programs and service learning.In addition to these requirements, peace and global studies majors are required to identify a thematic and regional specialization for their course of study. The letters T or R, listed at the end of course descriptions, indicate to which specialization the course is associated.


Thematic Specializations

Human Rights & Democratization


Peace and Reconciliation

International Relations

Cross-Cultural Encounters


Regional Specializations

Sub-Saharan Africa

Latin and South America



The Middle East & North Africa


Peace and global studies majors are well positioned to find careers in government service, non-governmental organizations or to pursue graduate studies and professional training in law, management and public policy.


Peace and Global Studies Minor

The minor in peace and global studies is open to all majors and those students interested in gaining a global perspective on issues of history, culture, politics and conflict resolution. Minors are required to attain an intermediate proficiency in one living foreign language and take both PGS 201 and a PGS capstone seminar. Minors must take four additional courses approved by the director of peace and global studies. Supported thematic specializations include, but are not limited to, Human Rights and Democratization, Violence, International Relations, Cross-cultural Encounters and Peace and Reconciliation. Peace and global studies majors will design an appropriate course of study with the director of peace and global studies.


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