Political Science

"What I began by reading, I must finish by acting." Henry David Thoreau

The Department of Political Science has as its main objective educating students to the political concerns of society. The coursework covers the wide range of topics associated with the discipline, and provides solid preparation for such career choices as graduate school, law school, business, journalism, education and public service. To facilitate academic focus the department offers four concentrations (Pre-Law, Public Service, International Relations/ Comparative Politics and General Study). Whatever career path is chosen, however, the department’s primary mission is to prepare students for a life of active and informed citizenship.

Students in the State Politics course traveled to Albany to discuss the SAFE Act and visited the New York State Court of Appeals



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Pre-Law Concentration
Public Service Concentration
International Relations/Comparative Politics Concentration
General Study Concentration
Double Major in Political Science & Peace and Global Studies
Double Major in Politcal Science and History
B.A. in Political Science with Teacher Certification