A Student's Thesis: Hey, Are You Listening? Musical Training and the Psychology of Listening Comprehension

In a room full of accepted students, Christina Nicholais and the other students from the school’s a cappella musical group, Fermata Nowhere, spontaneously break into song. The creation of this ‘flash mob’ demonstrated the impact that music can have to create a memorable experience.

The question of how music and memory are related is what drove Christina Nicholais to turn her love of music into her Departmental Honors psychology research thesis. Under the mentorship of a faculty member, Christina examined the impact of musical training on students listening comprehension. She was interested in learning how listening to music while studying affects how we learn. Her research has taken her to an International Psychology Conference in Washington, D.C., and to Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Miami, Florida where she is pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Undergraduate research opportunities are one element for psychology majors at Le Moyne

The major objective of the psychology department is to familiarize students with the basic methods and theories utilized to study the behavior of humans and animals. Through an offering of lecture, discussion, laboratory and field experiences, the department provides students with a comprehensive overview of the various approaches employed by psychologists while enabling individuals to pursue specific interests in greater depth.