Physician Assistant Studies FAQs

Program Overview

What is the mission of the Physician Assistant Studies Program?


Is the Le Moyne College PA program accredited?


What makes the Le Moyne College PA program unique?


Upon completion of the program, what degree(s) will I receive?


Is there a part-time option for the PA program?


How much does it cost to attend the PA program?


Is there housing for PA students?


What is the PA program's pass rate on the national boards?


Admission Requirements

What are the prerequisites for the program?


Do you have a direct-entry program for freshmen?


Are all international students required to take TOEFL?


When must I complete the prerequisites?


Is the GRE required?


Is prior healthcare experience required?


Why does Le Moyne require health care experience as an admission requirement?


Can I transfer into your program?


Do you give preference to New York State residents?


Can I apply to the program if I do not have a bachelor’s degree?


Application Process

What is the application deadline?


How many students are enrolled each fall?


How do I apply?


Is there a supplemental application?


When are interviews?


What does the interview include?


What are the selection factors?


Program Format

When does the PA program start?


Does the PA program offer a part-time or distance learning program?


Will I be able to work while I am a student?


Do I need to declare a specialty before entering the program? After the program?


What is problem-based learning (PBL)?


What is the didactic year like?


What does a typical week in the didactic year look like?


What is the clinical year like?


What are the clinical rotations like in the PA program?


Are there any international training sites?


Financing your Education 

Is financial aid available?


Where can I get information about financial aid?


Pre and Post Graduation 

When can a student sit for the board exam?


What kind of salary can a PA graduate expect?