Physician Assistant Studies

We are constantly encouraged by and grateful for the dedication and seriousness with which physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives dedicate their time and energy to train PA students year after year.

The material rewards for health care providers serving in the preceptor role have been limited. Over the years, we have provided occasional dinners, certificates of appreciation, various programs for Continuing Medical Education credits, or use of our library and athletic facilities as tokens of appreciation. Realizing that no direct financial reimbursement exists in recognition of preceptor services, we have given serious consideration to offering a remitted tuition plan for employees of its affiliating agencies and institutions.

We are pleased to announce that remitted tuition credits are now being offered to our clinical preceptors. Both undergraduate and graduate course benefits are included according to general and specific guidelines.

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Remitted Tuition Formula (pdf)

Remitted Tuition Enrollment Form (pdf)