Disability Support Services

Online Faculty Development

"From Where I Sit" Video Series 

"From Where I Sit" is a powerful video series of eight CSU students with disabilities who share their experiences in the college classroom.


In Their Shoes

The “In Their Shoes” program is a web-based sensitivity and awareness training program to prepare employees to work more effectively with students who are disabled. 

  • The program utilizes a hands-on, interactive format so that you may catch a glimpse of what it's really like to have functional limitations that substantially alter a major life activity, such as learning, seeing, hearing, or functioning socially.
  •  The program will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

 Whether we realize it or not, we all encounter individuals with disabilities in our daily lives. Some of these disabilities will be readily apparent and many others will be much less visible. "In Their Shoes" is one important step on the path to removing the hidden barriers that impact us all. As educators, it is important for us to embrace the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act by creating an inclusive learning environment that is empowering and supportive of the needs of our students and employees with disabilities.

To begin “In Their Shoes”  training:

  • Click the hyperlink below.
  • Enter your College password (HRTRAIN).
  •  Leave the User ID box empty for your first time.
  • The System will assign you a User ID - write it down; you will need it if you sign in again at a later date.
  • Click here to begin training