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Academic Requests.
The following forms allow students the right to request services pertaining to their education here at Le Moyne.  These forms include, but are not limited to, transcript requests, change/declare a major, minor, or concentration, approval to take courses elsewhere, enrollment of certification, etc.  Students who wish to make such requests must fill out the necessary form below and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Transfer Course Approval: Core Courses
Transfer Course Approval: Major & Elective Courses
Final 30 Credit Waiver Form
Grade Report Request Form

Major GPA Below 2.0
Major GPA Below 2.0 (Biology majors only)
Request Course Override
Request for Certification of Enrollment
Request for Services
Transcript Request

The Course Catalog, as well as your advisor, is a helpful resource in looking at different majors, concentrations and minors.

Minor Form
Change/Declare Major Form
Declare Concentration
Business Major Declaration
Teacher Preparation Form

*Course substitution/waiver forms are only available in the Registrar's Office.


Personal Forms. It is imperative that students make sure that their names and addresses are up to date with the Registrar's Office.  Students who have recently changed their name and/or address must fill out the appropriate form below and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Address Change Form
Name/Marital Status Change Form


Forms Pertaining to Graduation. Students who plan on graduating in the upcoming month of August, December, or May, must complete a senior audit with the Registrar's Office.  Prior to this meeting students are required to fill out an Application for Degree.  Failure to complete a senior audit or the senior audit waiver and the Application for Degree may result in a delay in receiving one's degree and/or diploma and may even prevent one from participating in the graduation ceremonies. 

Application for Degree
Confirm Participation for December Graduates
Final 30 Hour Credit Waiver  
Permission to Walk in Commencement

Senior Audit Waiver Form

FERPA Forms.  The Family Education Rights Privacy Act of 1974 is designed to protect educational records.  The following forms allow students the right to suppress their campus directory information and/or authorize their parents to have access to their educational and/or financial information.  Students who wish to request any of the above must fill out the appropriate form below and hand it in to the Registrar's Office.

Authorization for Release of Education Records to Parents/Guardians
Campus Directory Suppression


Registration Forms.  Forms regarding registration for classes can be found below.  By filling out these forms and submitting them to the Registrar's Office, students can request to add, drop, or withdraw from a course, change their enrollment status, obtain permission to audit a class, and propose an independent study or research project.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Forms -
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Adding or Dropping a Class


Reporting a New Address


Applying for a Degree