Information Systems

There are a number of interesting and exciting opportunities made available through Le Moyne's extensive relationships in the business and academic world.

To see the most current listing of job and internship opportunities, click here.  Or see where some of our recent graduates are working. 

A Word about Internship Opportunities

The Jesuit concept of "Cura Personalis" (or care for the entire person) is something we take very seriously at Le Moyne. In an effort to prepare you to leave Le Moyne and pursue opportunities in the business world, there will be numerous experiences for you to pursue real world experience as you are simultaneously pursuing your academic studies. Below are a sample of recent internships students received while studying at Le Moyne. It's not uncommon for some of these internships to become job offers upon graduation.

Recent (2011-2013) Information Systems Internships

Project Analyst

Time Warner Cable, Syracuse, NY

Technology Systems Intern (2 positions)

Riccelli Enterprises, North Syracuse, NY

Customer Support Analyst

MAC Source Communications, Syracuse, NY

Technology Intern, Green Data Center

JP Morgan Chase, Syracuse, NY

Business Analyst

JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY

Supply Chain Intern

Marquardt Switches, Cazenovia, NY

Financial Systems Intern

West Hill Ranches, LLC, Sherburne, NY

Program Analyst Intern

US Department of Agriculture, Syracuse, NY

Criminal Justice Systems Intern

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department, Syracuse, NY

Program Management Intern

Saab Sensis, Syracuse, NY

Project Management Intern

Lockheed Martin, Owens Mills, MD

Technology Analyst Intern

Deloitte Consulting, NJ

Cybersecurity Intern

SafeNet, Newark, DE

Business Technology Intern

Ernst & Young Advisory Services, New York, NY

Business Development / Information Systems Intern

Marketing Technology Intern

Software Development Intern

Web Development Intern (2 positions)

Blue Highway Inc., Syracuse, NY

IT Strategy / Implementation Intern

Information Systems Intern (2 positions)

Home Headquarters, Inc., Syracuse, NY