Derek Demperio

derekEmail: demperdd@lemoyne.edu
Hometown: Liverpool, NY
Education:     St. John Fisher College, B.S., 2001
Liverpool High School, 1997
Why I love Le Moyne:
In only a short period of time, I have seen how genuine everyone is and how passionate they are for the Jesuit tradition at Le Moyne.  It’s a great feeling to go to campus everyday and interact with such a tight-knit community.
Favorite Hobbies:
Being with the family (usually involving a large meal), sports (New York Yankees and New York Giants), golfing and cooking (still a work in progress!).
Involvements in College:
Student government, athletics and community service.  Being active in all of these areas allowed me to get the entire college experience while meeting so many different people and establishing great relationships.
Favorite thing about Syracuse:
You have most things here that a big city can offer you but on a much smaller scale with a strong community feel.

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