Esi Asare

Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Undergrad: Lawrence University, Appleton Wisc., B.A. in Economics

Grad: Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, MBA and MS in Managment Systems (HR concentration)

Email: asareea@lemoyne.edu

What do you like about Le Moyne: As soon as you set foot on campus you can feel the true sense of community among the students, faculty and staff.

Favorite hobbies: Listening to music, reading, watching movies

What were your involvments in college and why:  I chose to be active on campus to create some balance in my life. Not only was I contributing to campus life in my own way through performances as part of Lawrence International or starting a new student organization on campus at Clarkson, but I was also developing skill sets that have served me in my post academic life. I had great experiences through both my graduate and undergraduate life that I have would missed out on had I not incorporated non-academic activities into my schedule.

Favorite thing about Syracuse:
The Carousel Mall