Kate Collier

Admission Counselor

Hometown: Auburn, N.Y.

Email: collieke@lemoyne.edu
High School: Marcellus High School, 2008
Undergrad:Le Moyne College, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Dual-Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 with Special Ed., 2012
What do you like most about Le Moyne? From the liberal arts education to the sense of community on campus, there is just so much to love about Le Moyne. I think Le Moyne offers students a well-rounded college experience, giving them the opportunity to receive quality education in an interactive learning environment, while also participating in a variety of activities to enhance their experiences outside the classroom. Having had such a positive experience and in growing so much as a person during my four years as an undergraduate student, I have developed a great appreciation for the rich community here at Le Moyne and the extensive networking it provides. The campus environment is unique and lively, and every person at Le Moyne from the administrative level all the way down to the students is truly invested in the students’ success and enriching their overall college experience.
Favorite hobbies: Spending time with family, music, traveling
What were you involved in during college? My primary focus was being a student worker in the Office of Admission, where I also interned in my senior year. I really enjoyed being a student ambassador and tour guide for Le Moyne as well, because I enjoyed making students and families feel comfortable on campus and helping them learn a little bit more about our great school. I also enjoyed singing the National Anthem for athletic contests and participating in intramurals.
Favorite thing about Syracuse:I love that Syracuse has the convenience of city life, with a small town suburbia feel.