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Counseling and Support...

College is an exciting time, but we also understand that there are moments when it may also seem a bit overwhelming. After all, there are new surroundings, new relationships and new responsibilities with which to contend.

Le Moyne’s Wellness Center for Health and Counseling helps students manage all of this “newness” and make the most of their College experience and their potential. It offers students a variety of services – from individual counseling to support groups to special programs on topics such as assertiveness, stress management and alcohol use.

The center also offers students tips for beating the blues that we all feel now and then. They include:
•    understanding that time is on your side and that, no matter how bad you feel now, it’s likely you’ll feel better in a day or two
•     taking a break and doing something relaxing, such as catching a movie
•     talking to someone you trust

And perhaps above all, the center encourages students to take good care of themselves – to eat healthy, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly.

One-to-One Meetings

Probably the most frequently used service of the center  is individual meetings with the counselors.  Students come in for a variety of reasons to talk confidentially with a trained professional.  We offer a number of types of interviews for one-on-one personal exploration or individual counseling.

Discussion and Support Groups

Groups in our center involve a small number of students coming together.  Students can come talk, or just listen.  Students in a group generally feel that they themselves benefit by being of help to others who are dealing with similar issues, and they feel comforted by knowing that others are dealing with issues similar to their own.


The staff of the center is available to consult with students, faculty, or staff on issues of concern to them.  Within the consultation relationship, the consultee and the center staff member work together to understand the issue(s) or problem(s) and to collaboratively work toward a solution.  In the past, the center staff have consulted with members of the campus community about a wide array of issues including:
    •      dealing with difficult people such as roommates, classmates, coworkers, and supervisors;
    •      managing crisis situations in the classroom or residence hall;
    •      locating campus and community services;
    •      helping emotionally disturbed or addicted friends or family members.


Wellness Center for
Health and Counseling

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