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Services for Students

 Individual Sessions

  • Our most commonly used services are individual sessions for students. Sessions are completely free of charge and confidential. Students come to us with a wide variety of concerns, including anxiety, homesickness, depression, substance abuse, relationship problems, or difficulty with stress. Our highly trained and experienced staff is ready to help. If any of these or other issues have become concerns for you, give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our counselors.

 Discussion and Support Groups

  • Groups in our Center involve a small number of students coming together.  Students can come to talk, or just listen.  Students in a group generally feel that they themselves benefit by being of help to others who are dealing with similar issues, and they feel comforted by knowing that others are dealing with issues similar to their own. If you are interested in a group, call us to find out what groups are currently running and when they meet.

 Consultation for Students

  • Are you concerned about a friend? Do you want to refer someone to counseling and don't know how? We are here to help students connect other students with resources that may help. Our staff can advise you on how to handle situations with a friend, roommate, or partner and give you tips and guidance on how to refer someone to counseling.



Services for Faculty and Staff

Consultation for Faculty and Staff

  • Often times, faculty and staff are the first to notice that a student is in need of support. If there is a student that you are concerned about - maybe he or she doesn't seem themself, maybe they are have had a sudden decline in their grades - we can help connect that student with the help he or she may need to thrive at Le Moyne College

  • Please refer to our Wellness Handbooks for some helpful information:     Assisting Students In Distress and/or Assisting Athletes in Distress

  • If you need some help getting the student in to see us, please call and one of our counselors will be happy to advise you. 


  • Counseling center staff is available to come to your classroom to speak about any and all topics related to counseling or mental health. Although we are frequently utilized by AVS classes, our services are available to the entire campus community. Some past topics we have presented on include: introduction to the counseling center, stress management, and helping other students in distress. Please call if you would like to arrange a presentation.

Services for Parents


  • If you have concerns about your son or daughter's overall happiness and wellbeing at Le Moyne, please contact us. Often, we can assist you in connecting the student with supports he or she may need in order to excell at Le Moyne. Consultations are not legally confidential because the legal privilege extends only to clients; however, we use our discretion regarding what information we share and we do our best to discuss confidentiality with faculty, staff, and students when they consult with us.