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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a fee to use Health Services?

Is health insurance available and what does the policy cover?

What is the policy on medical excuses?


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Is there a fee to use Health Services?

There is no charge for office visits to the Health Services office.  There is a modest charge for PPD's and other injections.  Students are also responsible for any lab fees (billed directly by the lab), and for any services that are referred to an off-campus provider.  We have a local allergist who has agreed to provide allergy injection service to any Le Moyne student who needs it.  The doctor's name is: 

Dr. Michael Sheehan, 1200 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13210, Phone 315-478-2339


If you are a student in need of an allergy injection, please call Dr. Sheehan as soon as possible to assure a workable appointment time and to review insurance information.  Please be advised this is an off-campus service.  You will be responsible for any charges.




Le Moyne College requires all undergraduate students and graduate Physician Assistant students to carry health insurance.  Full-time undergraduate students and students in the Physician Assistant Program are automatically enrolled in the policy.  The student's Fall Semester bill will be charged automatically the amount of the annual premium for a Student Accident & Sickness Health Insurance Policy.  This is a basic illness and injury policy.  Please see details on the website of our servicing broker at www.haylor.com/lemoyne


Students may waive the insurance with proof of other insurance that will cover them in Syracuse, NY.  We recommend you review the benefits of this plan prior to processing a waiver.  If you currently have comparable health insurance coverage in the Central New York area, you may request to opt out and waive the fee for this insurance policy online. 


You will have until September 15th, 2013 to process your waiver.

To waive the insurance fee visit the website of our servicing broker, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. and follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to www.haylor.com/lemoyne using your internet browser

  2. Select “Waive Health Insurance”

  3. Enter the requested information

Your waiver will then be forwarded to the College where the charge will be removed from your student account.



Part time and Graduate students may enroll in this policy online at www.haylor.com/lemoyne.  Follow the Student Health Insurance link to Le Moyne College.  You may read the policy and enroll online.


Please call the Heath Services office at 315-445-4440 with questions.  You may also contact Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. at 800-289-1501 and ask for a College Specialist, or email student@haylor.com.  



What is the policy on medical excuses?

If illness or injury requires more than three consecutive days of hospital or home care, Health Services needs to be informed (315) 445-4440.  If the student has been treated by a doctor off-campus, some documentation from that office will be expected.  Health Services will then notify the registrar who will inform the student's instructors, advisor, and the associated academic dean.  It is the student's responsibility to contact his or her instructors, as soon as able to explain the absence and make arrangements for the completion of missed work or tests.

If emergency referrals for off-campus treatments or appointments for required physical examinations result in class absences, Health Services will issue the student written verification to present to instructors.

If infectious mononucleosis is diagnosed, the student will be issued verification and explanation of illness progression to discuss with involved instructors, advisor, and the associate academic dean.

In the case of all other short-term health problems, including those treated by Health Services, it remains the student's responsibility to contact his or her instructors to explain the absence and make arrangements for the completion of missed work or tests.

Faculty members may contact Health Services for verification that a student was seen at the Health Services office on a particular day and with a student's written consent, this information will be discussed.