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Office of Institutional Research

Factbook Data


Admission Trends – First Year Students

Admission Trends – Transfer Students

Age Distribution – All Graduate Students

Age Distribution – All Undergraduate Students

Average Class Size

Distribution by County – FT UG Students

Distribution by County – Freshmen FT UG Students

Degrees Awarded

Graduate Education Enrollment

Graduate Enrollment Total

Undergraduate Enrollment Total

Undergraduate and Graduate FT Equivalent Enrollment

FT Graduate Enrollment from NYS, CNY, and Onondaga County

All (PT &FT) Freshmen by Gender

FT Undergrad Enrollment – NYS, CNY, Onondaga County

First-year Student SAT scores

First time FT Freshmen

All Grad Students by Gender

FT Equivalent Enrollment by Graduate Program

All Graduate Minority Student Statistics

Graduation Rates Entering Classes 1991-2007

Graduate Enrollment – All

Graduate Business Enrollment

Declared Majors – All Undergrads

Migration of FT Grad Students

Migration of Total FT Students

Migration of FT Undergrad Students

Migration of PT Grad Students

Migration of all PT Students

Migration of PT Undergrad Students

Minority Student Freshmen Statistics

Declared Minors

Graduate Nursing Enrollment

Graduate PA Enrollment

PT Grad Enrollment – NYS, CNY, Onondaga County

PT Undergrad Enrollment – NYS, CNY, Onondaga County

Academic Programs – FT Matriculated Undergrads

Academic Programs – All matriculated undergrads

Undergrad On-campus Residence Headcount

Room and Board Charges

Student to Faculty Ratio

Summer Session Registration 
Summer Sessions Credit Hours
Summer Session Student Registration
Teaching Personnel
Tenure Status
Total Minority Student Statistics
Tuition and Fees - Full-Time-Per Year
Undergraduate Degrees Conferred by Major
Undergraduate Enrollment- Full-Time and Part-Time Men and Women
Full-Time and Part-Time Undergraduate Minority Students Statistics
Undergraduate Freshmen Retention
Undergraduate Enrollment Full-Time and Part-time