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Office of the Bursar

2016-2017 Undergraduate Expenses

The full cost of an education at Le Moyne College is not reflected in the tuition that is charged. The College receives substantial contributions from alumni, corporations, friends and the Jesuit community which help to offset educational expenses. Over the years, the College endowment fund has also helped to maintain the reasonable tuition charges that are assessed to the students.

Tuition and Regular Fees 2016-17
Fee Description Semester Year
Tuition $16,020 $32,040
Room (Residence Hall/Dormitory) $4,060 $8,120
Room (Townhouse/Apartment) $4,465 $8,930
Board (Carte Blanche) $2,425 $4,850
Board (Carte Blanche Gold) $2,525 $5,050
Board (16 Meal Plan) $2,280 $4,560
Board (16 Meal Plan Gold) $2,380 $4,760
Board (12 Meal Plan) $2,130 $4,260
Board (12 Meal Plan Gold) $2,230 $4,460
Board (8 Meal Plan) $1,630 $3,260
Board (8 Meal Plan Gold) $1,730 $3,460
15 Meal Commuter Plan (optional) $286 + $125 MunchMoney
30 Meal Commuter Plan (optional) $520 + $200 MunchMoney
60 Meal Commuter Plan (optional) $770 + $200 MunchMoney

Mandatory Fees, Incidental Fees, Deposits and Miscellaneous Charges

Mandatory Fees
Fee Description Charge
Activity Fee (per semester) $250
Technology Fee Full-Time Student (per semester) $75
Technology Fee Part-Time Student (per semester) $25
Wellness Fee Resident Student (per semester) $70
Wellness Fee Commuter Student (per semester) $35
Graduation Fee $65
Health Insurance Policy (waivable fee if student has current health insurance coverage. Fee is waived via College insurance company website and instructions on how to waive fee are e-mailed to student) $2,069
Bursar Parking Permit Fees
Permit Type Charge
Resident-First Year $300
Resident-Second Year $200
Resident-Third Year + $100
Commuters (All) $50
Bursar Orientation Fees
Student Type Charge
Transfer Students $150
Freshmen $275
Bursar Academic Fees
Fee Description Charge
Science Laboratory Fee (per laboratory) $65
Chemistry Breakage Fee (per course) $10
Visual/Studio Arts Fee (per course) $50
Photography Fee (per course) $55
Music 390 Applied Music I $234
Music 391 Applied Music II $468
Communications Fee (per course) $30
Communications CMM 307 $55
Academic Fees Involving Travel

There will be an additional fee for courses in which travel is required.  It is mandatory for the registered students to sign a travel agreement form of understanding with the faculty coordinator and adhere to Le Moyne College's travel policy.

Bursar Incidental Fees
Fee Description Charge
Housing security deposit (refundable) $300
Late payment $100
Late registration $25
Returned check $20
Application fee $35
Transcript of record $5

**All college fees are subject to change

New Student Enrollment Deposit
If an accepted applicant decides to attend Le Moyne, a $300 enrollment deposit is required. This deposit is deducted from the first semester’s tuition and room charges. Deposits are not refundable after May 1 if the student does not enroll. 

Full-Time Students
An undergraduate student is considered full time if registered for 12-18 credit hours in a given semester. A student with an overall GPA of at least 3.25 who wishes to enroll in more than 18 credit hours must visit the Registrar (GH212) to enroll in the additional credit hours. A student with an overall GPA of less than 3.25 must request approval for a course overload from the Dean for Academic Advising and Support (RH342). The student and Dean will meet to discuss the need for the additional course work based upon the student's past performance and future requirements. The course overload may not be approved if in the Dean's judgement this additional course work would jeopardize the student's academic performance.

Part-Time Students
A part-time student is a student who carries fewer than twelve (12) semester hours of credit. Such students pay a tuition fee of $672 per credit hour and all other fees to which they would be subject were they full-time students. Additional details from the Le Moyne College Center for Continuing Education.

Refund Policies
Students in any of the Le Moyne College programs who withdraw from the College for any circumstance are entitled to a refund of a percentage of their tuition charge based on their formal withdrawal date. 

The date of withdrawal will be considered the date on which a written statement of withdrawal has been received by the registrar. The following tuition refund percentage will apply for all students, 100 percent during the first week, 80 percent during the second week, 60 percent during the third week, 40 percent during the fourth week, 20 percent during the fifth week and no return after five weeks. If a student fails to notify the registrar of withdrawal, no refund is made.


The cost of education is a substantial investment. You can purchase elective insurance plan coverage for tuition, room and board charges which will minimize financial loss in case of withdrawal during a term. The coverage must be purchased prior to the first day of classes for the fall semester. Questions regarding the plan should be addressed to A.W.G. Dewar at (617) 774-1555 or e-mail at

Room and Board
Students residing in residence halls who are dismissed from the college during the semester are not entitled to any refund. Students in good standing who voluntarily withdraw from the College during the semester should contact the Office of Residence Life regarding room and board policies.

Financial Aid and Refunds
Because financial aid is supplemental to the family's primary responsibility of paying for the educational charges, any scheduled refund must be returned to the various financial aid accounts. For all students other than those enrolled at Le Moyne for the first time and receiving federal aid the refund will be applied using the following formula:

Total Federal Grants and Loans/Total Assistance = % returned to Federal Programs

Students attending Le Moyne for the first time and receiving federal aid will receive a prorated refund for withdrawal through the ninth week of classes. Refunds will be returned to federal financial aid accounts in the following order: Federal Family Education Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG. The remaining portion of the refund for all students is returned to the account of any state or other Le Moyne assistance that the student received.

Financial Responsibility
All students are responsible for any College debts they have incurred including library fees, parking fines, tuition charges and fees. If a student has any outstanding debts, monetary penalties or fines, he or she will not be awarded a degree and will not receive any transcripts. A student may receive their diploma after the outstanding debts and penalties have been paid.

If a College debt must be referred to outside sources for collection, the student will be responsible for paying any additional collection costs (approximately 33%) including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and disbursements.

Payment Information

Payment of Tuition and Fees
All fees are payable fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of class. Bills are mailed to students in advance of the due date.

Students who do not pay their tuition on or before the due date are not officially registered at the College and are not permitted to attend class until they pay their tuition. Moreover, they are subject to a late-registration fee and/or interest as outlined under the Incidental Fees, Deposits and Miscellaneous Charges section and the payment of interest on the outstanding balance at an annual rate of twelve percent (12%). This includes students who add courses to become full time status after the start of the semester. Students whose checks are returned by the bank will also be subject to a late-payment fee as well as a returned check fee.

Accounts date from the opening day of the semester. Students permitted to enter later than this date are charged for the full semester.

Fees payable at the Bursar’s Office
Inquiries regarding financial matters or problems should be directed to the Bursar's Office. Students should pay their semester fees and obtain refunds from this office.

Payment Plan
The College offers HigherOne a monthly payment plan for people who want an alternative to paying at the beginning of each semester. Brochures are available in the Bursar’s and Financial Aid offices.