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    Fraud, Privacy and Bringing Your Own Device

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Questions, conversations and concerns around privacy and fraud are no longer reserved for security and technology professionals. Decision makers also need to understand the impact security challenges have on privacy and fraud policy within their organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from leading industry experts about these very critical issues.

    This program qualifies for 6 CPEs (CIA and CPA). Category: Advisory Services. The CNY IIA sponsor ID number for NYS is 002212. CPE requirements vary from state to state. Contact your state's board for information concerning your state's specific requirements. Register Now

    This is a free event which will be held on the Le Moyne campus. Parking for the event is available in A or AA lots. (campus map and driving directions)

    Current Agenda

    • Coffee & Pastries
    • Bring Your Own Device - Law, Privacy, and Policy Implications
       9:00-10:30 (Speaker:  Orin S. Kerr)
       Businesses often want to monitor their employees as they use computers at work. But what  
       happens when companies allow employees to use their own cell phones and computers for company
       business? What rights do employers have to access, monitor, and control the contents of
       employee-owned computers? This lecture will cover the legal rules governing "bring your own
       device" policies. It will address the different laws that may apply, the privacy implications at stake,
       and the best practices for employers to avoid liability and litigation.
    • Privacy: Re-Framing what we think we know
       10:45-12:15 (Speaker: Kelley Misata)
       Sometimes our greatest lessons come from when the frame of what we believed to be true is spun
       around and flipped upside down. The conversations among security professionals, policy makers
       and others about what privacy means has seen some dramatic shifts in the past year; raising far
       more questions then answers. To complicate things, when asking general users what privacy
       means,often the response is a recount of scary stories of data breaches, surveillance, and face-less
       hacker communities. As this unique journey into information security and time as a member of the
       Tor Project will illustrate - privacy is not a point fixed in time, but a constantly evolving parade of
       questions we, as security professionals, need to stay in tune and continue to re-frame our own
       definitions to the changing landscape.
    • Lunch from 12:30-1:30
    • Panel Discussion
       By bringing together industry and academic experts in privacy, fraud, and the challenges to our
       growing dependencies on technology - our esteemed panel will explore today's current landscape
       and provide insights on the consequences, potential issues, and where enterprises and individuals
       need to focus going forward.
       Facilitated by: Marc Rogers
      Shawn O'Reilly (Upstate Medical)
      Orin S. Kerr (George Washington University)
      Kelley Misata (The Open Information Security Foundation)
      Paul Silba (New York Power Authority
      Laurie Venditti (InfraGard )

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