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Heading to the Heights

Welcoming our Newest Dolphins!

Online Advanced Registration System (O.A.R.S.)
For First-year students

You will soon be arriving at Le Moyne for a one-day Summer Welcome during which you will “take care of business” in order to be ready to begin your Le Moyne Experience in the fall. In anticipation of that Summer Welcome, it is critical that you spend some time with your Heading to the Heights: First-year Student Guide, and follow its instructions by completing O.A.R.S., better known as Le Moyne’s Online Advanced Registration System. The information that you provide us in this on-line preparation will not only help us to plan for your arrival at Summer Welcome, but it will also help us to officially enroll you in a learning community of your interest, create a tentative fall course schedule, and arrange your housing.  You won’t want these things left to chance, so please review these pages carefully.

Using the link below, log into O.A.R.S using the username and password that were provided to you in your welcome letter. Keep it handy. You will need to use this information each time to log into this site. Once logged in, click one of the tabs at the left of the screen, respond to the appropriate questions, and move on to the next item when you have completed the previous item. When a green check mark appears on all of the tabs, you are ready to Finish/Check Out and SUBMIT your information. You may return to O.A.R.S. to make changes to your information at any point during the time period indicated in your Heading to the Heights: First-year Student Guide. 

About you: You will first be asked to confirm your name, address, and contact information. Please complete all sections that are blank, including your cell phone number so that we are able to get in touch with you throughout the summer.

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New First Year Students

Summer Welcome:
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Friday, June 17
Saturday, June 18
Friday, July 1

Fall Arrival:
Friday, August 26 - Sunday, August 28


New Transfer Students

Connecting to Campus:

Saturday, August 27