Le Moyne College Fund

Gifts to the Le Moyne College Fund are vital to the College's future, and to honoring the commitment we have made to our students--to provide them with a values-rich education that prepares them to be leaders in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Without the generous support of donors to the Le Moyne College Fund, this would simply not be possible.

Play a part in providing the young men and women of Le Moyne with an outstanding academic foundation, steeped in the Jesuit tradition, upon which they can build their futures. Please give to the Le Moyne College Fund today.


What do gifts to the Le Moyne College Fund support?

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Planned Giving

  • You don't have to use cash to make your gift — you can give us appreciated securities instead, and use an asset that costs you less than the tax deduction you'll get for it today.
  • You may be holding assets that would benefit the College more than they do you — such as a life insurance policy that you no longer need, a parcel of real estate like a second home or undeveloped land, or a collection of books or artwork that you no longer have room to display.
  • You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime — make us a beneficiary of your will or revocable trust, or a beneficiary of your retirement plan, and leave your cash flow and current financial planning uninterrupted.
  • You can make the College a partner in your giving — you can deed us your home but continue to live there, you can sell us property at a charitable discount, and you can make a gift that pays you lifetime income.

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