Welcome to Information Technology

Online Services

Le Moyne GMail:

(http://gmail.lemoyne.edu) A web-based email service for email hosted by Google. Email addresses will be username@stu.lemoyne.edu for current students and username@alumni.lemoyne.edu for Alumni. Each user will have approximately 7 gigabytes of storage space on Google servers.

Google Apps for Education:

(http://google.lemoyne.edu) is a suite of web based applications provided for Le Moyne students and alums hosted by Google. Via this access page customized for the Le Moyne Community, users can access Google calendar (personal and shared calendars), Google Talk (Instant Messaging tool) , Google Search, Le Moyne GMail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets (web-based sharable spreadsheets and word docs), and other information pulled from the College’s Echo information portal.


(http://canvas.lemoyne.edu) Canvas is the College’s Learning Management system. It is used by faculty to make course materials such as readings, assignments, and lecture notes available via the internet. Faculty can also post individual assignment grades for student access, collect homework, conduct online discussions, give electronic quizzes and more via Canvas.


(http://webadvisor.lemoyne.edu) A web based software package that provides students, faculty and staff access to an easy to use interface for the College’s Administrative systems. Students can use the interface to access semester grades, register for courses, make changes to course registrations and to access informal copies of their academic transcripts. Faculty use this package to enter semester grades and to access up-to-date course rosters for their course sections.


(http://echo.lemoyne.edu) – Echo is the Start up page for all College-owned computer web browsers. Echo provides both public and private (authenticated) information about all aspects of the College. Users can access a complete calendar of events on campus, news and achievements by members of the Le Moyne community, a complete directory of students, faculty and staff, Links to important college web sites, and much more when they log into the echo system. Echo also provides a mechanism for users to reset their campus account passwords remotely.

Heights Alert:

The Heights Alert system is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all members of the Le Moyne College campus community can stay informed in the event of an emergency. Le Moyne College has contracted with e2Campus to provide this service, which will allow students, faculty and staff to "opt in" and be notified by a text message to their cell phone, in the event of an emergency or campus closure.

Password Management:

Le Moyne provides online tools to manage, reset and retrieve your password for network services online.  Visit http://echo.lemoyne.edu and click on any of the Password Management links on the right side of the page.