The OneLeMoyne Vision and Strategic Plan

The eloquent OneLeMoyne Vision distills the aspirations of our community and shapes our actions across and beyond the Heights. When Dr. Fred Pestello became the first lay president of Le Moyne College in July 2008, he was keenly aware of the significance of his role. He knew that the most important thing a new leader can do is listen. Given dramatic changes in the world and in higher education, Pestello posed this question to the campus and its stakeholders:  "What must Le Moyne College become?" He thereby initiated a candid and collegial dialogue, a process which was ultimately as powerful and meaningful as the specific answers that he gathered. That dialogue-- the OneLeMoyne conversation-- was distilled into a vision statement and, through a uniquely collaborative process, became the OneLeMoyne Strategic Plan. This plan serves as a roadmap for our rapidly transforming campus. Since 2008, Le Moyne has achieved three successive, record-breaking years of enrollment; a capital campaign which closed at nearly double its original goal; the largest gifts and the largest building campaigns in its history; and AACSB accreditation. It has doubled its endowment, founded a School of Business, revised its Core curriculum, restructured its senior administrative team, reengineered practices across all divisions, and substantially expanded the work it does to advance its Catholic and Jesuit mission. Feel free to read the OneLeMoyne Strategic Plan at the link provided, to learn more. 

OneLeMoyne Vision

These are times of unprecedented challenge yet unparalleled possibility. They call for persons equal to this moment, capable of reverential attention to the world and thoughtful examination of their place within it. What is needed now is a way of proceeding that leads to innovative and integrated approaches to complex challenges. Le Moyne College responds to this call guided by Jesuit, Catholic tradition.

To be a premier Jesuit college where diverse talents
meet to foster academic excellence,
integrity, and a commitment to justice

As a Jesuit college, Le Moyne dedicates itself first and foremost to developing the full capacity of each student’s mind and heart. At the core of the Le Moyne experience is the Jesuit commitment to the education and care of the whole person, meant to cultivate in its students a quality of keen, compassionate intelligence. Animated by the Jesuit maxim of finding God in all things, a Le Moyne education encourages reflection and discernment that lead to imaginative action on behalf of transformative justice. Summoned to rigorous inquiry and spiritual exploration, Le Moyne students are challenged to devote themselves to academic achievement, generous service, and to creative, responsible leadership.

As a Catholic college, Le Moyne embraces an intellectual tradition rooted in the complementarity of faith and reason. The College strives to be a place where the highest aspirations and deepest convictions of the human person and of the human community can be explored freely and respectfully. Thus, Le Moyne welcomes people of all faiths and those who pursue truth outside of religious traditions as valued members of this learned community.

As a comprehensive liberal arts college, Le Moyne offers a core curriculum and wide range of major and professional programs that build foundational knowledge in the arts and sciences alongside specialized expertise. The College upholds centuries-old ideals of liberal arts education by maintaining the highest standards of excellence, cultivating reason, critical acumen, and eloquence. The Le Moyne community’s values of respect and self-direction prepare students for informed, active citizenship, while building capacities for skillful collaboration.

To achieve this vision, the entire Le Moyne College community directs its energy to the flourishing of our students.  At the center of this dedicated effort is a faculty composed of accomplished teacher-scholars, working in close partnership with students to achieve broad learning. Having explored a rich expanse of knowledge and belief systems, Le Moyne students are equipped to navigate complexity, forge powerful intellectual connections, and communicate effectively. They respond to problems with intelligence and purpose and are able to comprehend the world’s needs and contribute to its progress.

Le Moyne College is committed to fostering student capacities for success in all endeavors. Informed by a dynamic worldview, Le Moyne alumni craft meaningful lives, distinguished by their compassionate engagement with the world.  Le Moyne is justly proud of its graduates, who have earned a reputation for refined moral understanding.  Broadly educated men and women of integrity and idealism, they exhibit lifelong dedication to learning and service. Loyal to the College and sustained by their enduring friendships with one another, they are confident in their ability to make a positive difference in the world. 


OneLeMoyne Strategic Priorities

In support of its mission and the OneLeMoyne vision, Le Moyne College is committed to the following strategic priorities (click on any item to read the team's strategic recommendations):

  1. Fully and energetically express the College’s Catholic and Jesuit mission, identity, and character;
  2. Vigorously pursue academic excellence across all programs;
  3. Create organizational excellence in resource stewardship and professional practices throughout the College;
  4. Maintain an intellectually, socially, and spiritually vibrant College community;
  5. Promote greater diversity within the Le Moyne community and increased engagement between the College and other communities regionally, nationally, and internationally;
  6. Achieve a national reputation for excellence in Jesuit education