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Handprints Overnight is a student-led retreat for first-year students. During Handprints, participants have the opportunity to listen and learn from insightful reflections by upper-class student leaders, build community with classmates, explore one's faith and spirituality, eat delicious food, and have fun! The four main themes of the weekend include self-identity, relationships, social pressures, and faith and prayer. 
Handprints is a terrific retreat for first year students as it provides fellowship that extends beyond the weekend. 
Location:                      Jesuit Villa on Cazenovia Lake
2014-2015 Dates:       Fall Semester-             September 12-13
                                        Spring Semester-        February 7-8
Cost:                             $20
This weekend retreat offered to male students provides participants with the opportunity to build a community of brotherhood and faith. Topics including relationships, masculinity, and spirituality are explored through communal and individual reflection, sharing hardy meals, engaging in recreation, and simply hanging out.       
Location:                    Jesuit Villa on Cazenovia Lake
2014 Dates:                October 3-5
Cost:                            $40



Journey closer to God through art with Sister M. Joselle Orlando, OSF. Come for a time of creative prayer as you learn to use simple water color techniques as a language of prayer. Walk with St. Francis of Assisi and St. Hildegard of Bingen, two mystics who found creation to be their path to prayer, to their Creator! Learn how to pray using the mandala, a sacred circle which represents the dialogue between the visible and the invisible, earth and heaven, the conscious and the unconscious.
Location:                    Le Moyne College Drescher Community Room
2014 Date:                  TBD
Cost:                            $10
Join Fr. George Coyne, S.J. for a weekend of prayerful reflections on the relationship between religion and science. Discover how one can live a life of faith in an age of science and how the spiritual journey is intrinsically linked to one's participation in the world that surrounds us.
Location:                    Alverna Heights Spirituality and Nature Center
2015 Dates:                TBD     
Cost:                            TBD


On this weekend retreat, participants gather to celebrate the gift of music and the role that it plays in one's faith journey.  Participants have the opportunities to explore what music is, the role it plays in life, and how it is used to express faith, deepen spirituality, foster prayer, and enhance liturgical celebrations.
Location:                   Jesuit Villa on Cazenovia Lake
2015 Dates:               February 27 - March 1 

Cost:                           No Cost

Popular at numerous Jesuit high schools, colleges, and universities, Kairos is a weekend retreat experience that offers students the opportunity to detach themselves from the various challenges and demands of college life and to intentionally spend time reflecting on their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Kairos is led by a team of students all of whom attended a Le Moyne Kairos Retreat.
While Kairos is grounded in the Catholic tradition and rooted in Ignation Spirituality, it is open to students of all faith and religious traditions. Large group activities, small group and individual reflection, prayer, celebration of Mass, and student leader talks are major components of Kairos. 
Location:                  Stella Maris Retreat and Renewal Center
2014-2015 Dates:    Kairos IV - October 24-26
                                     Kairos V - March 20-22
Cost:                          $45


Location:                    Stella Maris Retreat and Renewal Center
2015 Dates:                March 12-15
Cost:                            $60
The Ignatian Retreat is a three day silent retreat. Participants have the opportunities to learn and practice Ignatian methods of prayer, to develop the ability to recognize God in oneself and in one’s life, to meet with a spiritual director each day, to spend quiet time in reflection, to pray with scripture, to discern, and to use one’s imagination as a child of God. 
Each retreatant meets with a spiritual director during the three days who contributes to the retreatant’s experience with God as s/he learns, prays, and discerns God’s presence and call. 



Participate in a weekend exploring issues of spirituality from a feminine perspective as well as build a community with those present!  Explore questions including: What are you most proud of?  What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?  How do you intend to set the world on fire?
Enjoy communal meals, group and individual reflection, and much, much more!
Location:                    Jesuit Villa on Cazenovia Lake
2014 Dates:                 October 3 - 4
Cost:                            $20
Location:                    Jesuit Villa on Cazenovia Lake
2015 Date:                  Senior Week
Cost:                            No Cost

The Senior Retreat is a day of reflection, relaxation, fellowship, and fun for graduating seniors. The three themes of the day are: 1) Where have I been?  2) Where am I now?  3) Where am I going. Through large group activities, small group discussion, and three student leader talks, participants are invited to reflect on their experience at Le Moyne as they prepare for graduation.