Maureen '12

Majored in biological sciences, minored in chemistry and psychology
From New York City


Received the Magis Award in Leadership, orchestrated the Young Biologist Club at Holy Cross Elementary School, taught swimming to the developmentally disabled, and awarded funding through Le Moyne's Student Research Committee.

Why Le Moyne?

"I chose Le Moyne for the opportunity to explore different avenues in biology and for the swim team.  It was really the environment and the people that made me feel like I belonged and that this was the place for me."

Best Part of Being a Dolphin...

"There has been so much that I have loved and really cherished here at Le Moyne. I was able to help in the planning of the new pub, which was something entirely out of my element, but totally cool. I was able to do independent research in biochemistry with Dr. Beaty. I swam the A relay at championships. But my friends are what have made my experience here the best. I know that many of the friendships I have made over the past four years will last for a lifetime."

What Now?

Enrolled in the doctoral program in physical therapy at City University of New York.