A Jesuit education goes far beyond textbooks and classrooms.

It’s a way of teaching and learning that nourishes the whole person – mind, heart and soul. It provides students with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the world and the desire to use their skills to promote a more just society.

At Le Moyne you’ll conduct an ongoing investigation into the world in and around you. You’ll satisfy your curiosity about what is and isn’t and why, and about where you fit into your community and your world. You will be recognized and supported for who you are, and for who you can become.

The Jesuit tradition will enrich every part of your life on campus – from the conversations you have in class to the extracurricular activities in which you participate to the community service you perform. You will learn to challenge preconceptions, to ask thoughtful, intelligent questions and to evaluate the answers. More importantly, you’ll become prepared to use that knowledge in a life of leadership and service to others.